Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko has the greatest camouflage trick

To the less discerning eye, it could be a leaf shrivelling up on a tree fighting the onset of the first autumn chill

But this amazing form is in fact a lizard which can camouflage itself so well that it actually looks like a leaf

Perched on a branch, this Satanic leaf-tailed gecko has blended itself into its surroundings so expertly that even making out its coil-shaped body among the foliage is no mean feat

Its curvy body - at the top of the image - is only a slightly lighter hue of brown than the dark leaf it has tangled itself around

As your eyes move across to the right of the picture, you can just about see its torso making a single corkscrew movement as its darker brown tail tapers off to the right

To the left of the picture, the gecko's head can be seen as well as its left arm and left leg which squats under its body

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