Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally, Usain Bolt got competition!

Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt may think he's speedy afte
r breaking his own 100m world record last month. But he has nothing on Sarah the cheetah, who managed the feat in 6.13 seconds, compared to Bolt's 9.58 seconds at the World Championships in Berlin.

Like Bolt, the eight-year-old mammal managed to break her own record, after eclipsing her first time of 6.16 seconds on her second attempt. The spotted creature took to a specially designed 100m race course at at Cincinnati Zoo's Regional Cheetah Breeding Facility in America yesterday to take part in the run.

Her amazing time means she is now officially the fastest land animal.

She was so quick that she even caught up with the lure that was encouraging her to run. Sarah ran three times yesterday to claim the world record.

Her first run broke the record of 6.19 seconds with 6.16 seconds and her second run was even faster at 6.13 seconds. She ran the 100 meters in 6.33 seconds on her third run.


Dead Eye said...

i tink i read something similar before
nettoboy's blog? must be some copy here

nettoboy said...

dead eye..ur eyes are reallydead i blog don't have any of tis cheetah stuff la..u go n search..mine jus have no cheetah..


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