Friday, January 13, 2012

St Bernard in balmy Bangkok: Mighty Milo struggles in the heat

Spare a thought for Milo, the two-foot tall St.Bernard struggling to cope in the heat.

While the St.Bernard originates from the Swiss Alps and was initially bred as a rescue dog, Milo resides in Bangkok, Thailand, where he doesn't really have need of such a warm coat.

The sweltering heats of 33C yesterday were taking their toll on the pooch, who was spotted out padding the streets for a walk with his owner.

He looked desperate for a drink of water, but was able at least to use his mighty tongue to regulate his body temperature.

As all children learn, dogs' tongues becomes larger during exercise because of increased blood flow and tend to hang out of the mouth. 

Thus, when a dog pants, its quick shallow breaths cause moisture on the tongue to evaporate - thus cooling the entire body.


Anonymous said...

Poor dog

neTToboy said...

well, blame the weather.. =p


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