Thursday, July 7, 2011

Women flees home after finding unwanted visitor in her guest bedroom

House guests are always a bit of a pain, especially if  they are uninvited - and even more so if there's not a lot you can do to convince them to leave.

So spare a thought for Alexis Dunbar, who returned to her Palmetto home in Manatee County, Florida, to find a prehistoric killer making himself comfortable in her guest bedroom.

The uninvited guest was a six-foot alligator, and - despite his smile in the photos - he wasn't in the best of moods.

Miss Dunbar recalled the hair-raising incident, which began after she returned home on Saturday.
She told Bay News 9's Robert Hahn:  'I look to the right and there's an alligator in my guest bedroom.'

Miss Dunbar was not going to hang around, so immediately left the house. But she suddenly remembered her beloved pet cats.

She said: 'My cats are like my daughters. So I thought my cat was eaten. There was blood everywhere.'

It turns out that the blood came from the gator itself, having either been injured outside or as he tried to squeeze himself through the cat flap of Miss Dunbar's door.

Both of her cats later emerged from their hiding places, shaken but not eaten.

Experts who came to catch the unwanted intruder believe the alligator crawled up the bank of the pond behind the house, under a chain-link fence, across the yard, through a screen on the porch, and then through the cat flap.

Despite the gater being lassoed and removed from the house, Miss Dunbar said she was still a little shy when it came to moving about the house.

She said: 'Alligators get into pools or something, but never in a house. I'm going to be scared to sleep here tonight. I'm definitely going to go look under my bed again before I go back inside.'

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