Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moment brave young wildebeest stood up to a lioness who wanted him for dinner

A series of amazing pictures shows how a young wildebeest overcomes the odds to successfully beat off a hungry lioness before submitting to the king of the jungle.

The migration of wildebeest through swirling Kenyan rivers always loses many victims to drowning, but this fawn manages to battle its way across and haul itself through the mud towards safety.

Unfortunately, the youngster's brave bid for survival has attracted the attention of the lioness who waits patiently on the riverbank for the exhausted fawn to emerge.

But even though the poor wildebeest is on its last legs, he somehow manages to fend off his aggressor with a series of head butts that startle the attacker into retreat.

But his success is short lived. A huge male lion at least five times the wildebeest's weight has been waiting in the wings and decides to show the shame-faced female how it should be done... with the inevitable outcome.

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Dead Eye said...

not easy win leh last pic, at least she try


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