Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stunning shark picture looks exactly like 'Bruce' from Pixar blockbuster

Just like Finding Nemo this hungry shark looks like it has learnt 'fish are friends not food'.

In the Pixar blockbuster, great white shark Bruce gives up his fish-munching ways at an alcoholics anonymous style, self help meet.

And as this incredible real life image shows, sharks in the real world seem to be following in Bruce's fin-steps.

The image taken by underwater photographer Daniel Selmeczi, shows a school of pilot fish swarming around an oceanic whitetip shark.

Pilot fish are carniverous and are often found in the company of sharks, manta ray and giant turtles.

The relationship is mutually beneficial - the fish gain protection from the larger predators known as 'mutualism' where different species exist side-by-side while the shark is kept clear of parasites.

The oceanic whitetip is the pilot fish's preferred companion, eating 'ectoparasites' from the sides of their body.

A similar harmonious co-existance can be seen on land with birds entering the mouths of crocodiles to clean it out without fear of being eaten alive.

Pilot fish are also carnivores so they have the added benefit that when a shark tears its meal to pieces they can share it and eat the scrap bits that fall off.

The name given to the pilot fish either comes from the belief that they helped to guide ships safely to shore in shallower waters or they helped sharks towards food.

Such is the close relationship between the two different species that sailors have reported the pilot fish staying with a boat for up to six weeks after their host shark has been caught.

The image bears an uncanny resemblance to the poster for the film Finding Nemo, which features Bruce the shark surrounded by hundreds of fish and other marine life.

Daniel, 32, from Hungary took the image while diving in the Red Sea in Egypt.
He said: 'I have been taking underwater photographs since 2002 and have travelled to Egypt, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Malaysia in search of the perfect photograph.

'And this one is one of my favourites, it's rare to capture fish surrounding a shark quite like this.

'I was shocked when someone pointed out my picture looked like a scene from Finding Nemo, I love the film so it has just made me like my image even more.'
'Luckily this shark is friendly, just like Bruce, so I was in no danger photographing it.

'Many people are terrified of sharks especially with the attacks in Egypt recently but Oceanic Whitetip sharks don't eat humans, they eat fish, so I vote we save the sharks.'

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