Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dying mountain bear forced to drink Coca-Cola to amuse cafe customers

Shocking footage has appeared showing a dying mountain bear being held captive in a filthy cage drinking from a Coca-Cola bottle for the amusement of customers in an Azerbaijan cafe.

The cruel spectacle has been branded 'a disgrace' by The International Fund for Animal Welfare.

The harrowing scenes show the malnourished bear gripping the plastic bottle with its paws in a cramped, squalid cage.

The pictures were taken last month in the city of Gabala by Daryl Willard a British sports coach who has worked in the former Soviet republic.

Gabala is where former England football captain Tony Adams currently lives and manages a team.

Mr Willard, 27, revealed that just a few days after his initial visit he returned to confront the cafe owner only to discover the bear had died and been replaced by another one.

He told the Sun: 'People cheered and shouted as they watched the starving bear drink from the cola bottle and eat sandwich leftovers they threw.

'A few days after it died, there was a new one. They told me they catch a new one up in the mountains.'

The country's embassy claimed the cruelty was 'an isolated case'.

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