Friday, September 24, 2010

Lucky seal's amazing escape from the jaws of great white shark

A lucky seal launches itself to safety from the mouth of a great white shark - using the predator's razor sharp teeth for leverage.

Photographer Chris Fallows, 38, watched breathlessly as the Cape fur seal darted left and right in a desperate bid to evade the relentless attack 11-foot-long shark.

The massive creature caught the terrified seal in its mouth but failed to get a proper grip - allowing the seal to launch itself to safety as the shark tried to get a second bite.

Miraculously, the three-feet-long seal escaped with just a minor flesh wound off Seal Island in False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

The nail-biting battle of wits lasted four minutes.

Chris, who also runs eco-tourism trips, was amazed to see such a narrow escape.

He said: 'Incredibly the young seal is using the teeth of the great white shark as a final point of leverage to push itself out of the shark's mouth.'

'Initially the seal was ambushed in a missile-style attack by the shark.'

'But at the last possible second the seal caught wind of the approach of the shark and attempted to take evasive action by jumping sideways.'

'The shark caught the seal but did not get a firm purchase and the seal literally was exhaled out of the shark's mouth as it attempted to bite down.'

'The seal managed to dodge, duck and dive and evaded another strike from the shark by the narrowest of margins although it did sustain a flesh wound.'

'It was bitten on its right hind quarter and although obviously painful it will probably not be fatal.'

The shark eventually tired of the attack and the seal was able to flee back to Seal Island.

It is thought the shark is about ten years old and the seal nine months old.
Chris said: 'Seals get away about 50 per cent of the time, although very seldom by such narrow margins.

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