Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scene of a lion and its little cub that inspired Disney movie: Lion King

Standing tall this proud lion leads his cub over their home terrain.

His mane streaming back in the breeze, the father looks over his tiny cub as they stand on a barren rock in Tanzania.

The little cub - just old enough to walk - took his first steps following his father on the Serengeti plains.

In a scene straight out of the Lion King the adult lion stood on a rock overlooking the surrounding region, with his tiny cub beside him.

The picture was taken on the Simba Kopjes, a granite outcropping which the animated Disney film drew inspiration from and is known in the cartoon as Pride Rock.

The movie, which is the highest grossing traditionally animated film in history after making £490million at the box office following its release in 1994.


calvin said...

the cub is cute

neTToboy said...

hell yes.. ;p


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